The origin of the name is from the Latin “Burgus” – tower. In some Byzantium historical sources it is mentioned as Pirgos. Specialists in the area suggest that it is possible that the name comes from the Japhetic “Piurgus” that in Thracian meant “a fort made from wood”. Bourgas is often referred to as “the town of ancient civilizations”, as in 2008 not far from Bourgas 250 artifacts were discovered. A part of them were used 6000 years B.C. They are believed to be the most ancient discovered so far artifacts on the Black Sea coastline (incl. Kavkaz and Turkey).

 Bourgas is not only the biggest and most important cultural, administrative and economical center on the Bulgarian Black Sea coastline, but also the 4th biggest town in Bulgaria and the port for its Southern part is located there.

Surrounded by three lakes, located among ancient places, several protected zones and nature reserves, the town offers to its visitors various amenities, attractions and interesting sights. In Bourgas there are various cultural events held every year, such as the Festival of Sand Sculptures, the music festival “Spirit of Bourgas”, Flower exhibition “Flora Bourgas”, as well as the International Folklore Festival.

The beach garden of Bourgas is a favourite place for relaxation and walks of all citizens and guests. In 2012 it was renovated, as a part of the steps for urban development. Currently Bourgas municipality is working on the construction of a dolphinarium and an oceanarium in the town.